Portrait Miniature of a Lady in a Pink Dress

18th Century

Medium: watercolour on ivory, set in a gold bracelet clasp frame with later necklace attachment

H 5.2 cm


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Within this portrait miniature, a lady is depicted in a pink dress that is edged with white lace and decorated with small white pearls. Her accessories include a choker style necklace that effectively accentuates this part of her body, and whilst the artist seems to have lengthened it further. This was an attribute considered to be alluring amongst the trends of eighteenth-century fashion and in effect helps to form an elegant portrait. It can be inferred from her dress and general style that she would have been an affluent lady from this period in history.  Both the artist and sitter of this portrait are currently unknown. Though the manner in which this has been painted suggests that the artist may have been practising the 'Modest School', and was possibly Irish. This is also conveyed in the visible stippling and the strong use of blue undertones for developing shade.  
Provenance: Private Collection, South Kensington, London.